WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist

Working with Business Coaches Who Empower Eco-Minded Business Owners

WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist

Working with Business Coaches Who Empower Eco-Minded Business Owners

Wanderlust Nomad + US Expat Living in India + Techie & Visually Driven Website Creator + Making a Difference

Are you a Business Coach Working with Eco-Minded Business?

I will create a mobile-friendly web design you will love and attract your dream clients!

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Hi Friends!

I’m Amy, your WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist who works with Business Coaches who help Eco-Minded Business owners reach their goals.

Did you know that you can have an eco-friendly website?

Not only can you have a business that saves the future of the planet, you can also have a positive impact on sustainable living with the vehicle you use for promoting your vision and business…..your website!

Learn more about creating an eco-friendly website.

Amy Perez

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are the most popular in the industry as they are flexible and offer a stylish solution for business and personal use. They are great for both eCommerce and standard sites.

eCommerce Websites

Your online shop must demand attention and keep visitors engaged and encouraged to buy. Depending on your focus, WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify and Etsy are all excellent choices. 

Copy Writing 

Great copy writing that creates the content for your website and digital marketing is key to getting your branded message out to the public.



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Thinking of launching your site soon? 

Discover how to create web site that can grow your business to reach your dream clients.

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Giant List of SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

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Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins  What They Are + Why You Need Them + Top 10 Must Have Plugins WordPress websites are a great place to start if you’re starting out and making your first website. You’ve chosen your domain name, your website host and your theme so now you’re ready to...

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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Website

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Website

How to Make Your WordPress Website Greener Here are a few simple ways to make your website less taxing on the environment   Did you know the Internet contributes two percent of global carbon emissions? That number might sound small but it’s actually the same as...

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Rave Reviews….

Amy was great in bringing my vision and ideas for my website to life! I’m so happy with it. She collaborated well and listened to what I wanted as well as giving suggestions on ways to improve how the site would be set up to be easy for visitors to easily navigate our multi-service business. She also created informative and great website copy to get our message and in-depth information across even when she wasn’t familiar with the topic. Now that it’s created, I have left in her hands to maintain on a monthly basis so I can focus on more creative aspects of my business growth. 

Nandini Shukla

Founder and Owner, Prem Yoga Varanasi

My women’s clothing line, Savannah Morrow The Label, is based on sustainable practices and ethics for all our items from beginning to end to leave a lighter footprint of our lovely mother earth. It was important to me that the website not only had a beautiful shop to customers to shop on. I also wanted that our website copy relayed the importance of our message about creating sustainable fashion and Amy was able to capture my voice and relay my message on the web pages. 

Thank you! 

Savannah Morrow

Fashion Designer and Owner, Savannah Morrow The Label

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