Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website as a Business Coach

For professional Business Coaches a website is a must to build credibility and to grow your business. I’ve put together the Top 5 reasons you need to have a website for your business.

If you own a business, whether it is service based or eCommerce, you need a website. Without one, you will just be missing out on a huge part of your business growth.

 As a business coach offering your amazing services to clients in need of your guidance and inspiration, if you don’t have a website they won’t be able to find you. How will you get your message out to the public?

 Websites are a communication tool geared to have all your services and expertise available to the public at the click of a button. They may not even know they’re looking for you but with just one click they find you and “bang” the light bulb turns on and they think, “Hey, this sounds interesting. Maybe I should check it out!”

 A professional and branded website can take your business to the next level.

Imagine you have a coaching client that’s stuck in their business and has turned to you to create and help them implement a plan of action to get them on track. In the day of digital marketing, you will likely advise them to start with creating a website to perfect their message and brand. So, why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself? Time to hop on the digital marketing train!

The other possibility is that you have a website but it doesn’t seem to be reaching your goals. Maybe it’s time for a full redesign to project a more focused niche and user-friendly website. You want a site that reflects your personality, not just a means of relaying facts, prices and information.

Having your own website can provide you with so many advantages, and if you are not exploiting these, you are missing out on some serious growth for your business, which is why I wanted to share the Top 5 ways in which having a website can accelerate your career as a life coach.


1. It’s An Affordable Way to Market Your Business

Whether you are an established business coach or just starting out, digital marketing is key to your business growth and scalability.

Gone are the days of direct mail postcards, fliers and networking groups where everyone is exchanging business cards. While that may have been an effective way of marketing, it was expensive and had a short reach in regards to audience.

With the explosion of online marketing we are so lucky that we can basically market our business around the world and, if you do it wisely, you can do it in a very economical way.

The biggest investment you need to make is time. While websites are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools to grow your business, you still need to invest your time in other means of digital marketing such as posting on social media to drive traffic to your website. SEO and ads will only take you so far, you still need to put in the time to post on targeted platforms to help people find your website.

2. Your Credibility Will Be Questioned If You Don’t

Let’s face it. If you do not have a website, it just looks shady. Imagine that your potential client will be paying for your services and professional guidance. Do you think they will be more inclined to seek a working relationship with someone who has a website that clearly outlines the services offered, your expertise and how you will work together vs a voice on the other side of the phone with no visible online presence? Obviously, building trust and accountability is the foundation of a professional relationship and a dynamite web site will convey that message.

3. 24/7 Marketing Without Lifting a Finger

Websites are your best friend as a business owner. Our responsibilities and daily tasks can seem overwhelming at times and while we give 100% to our growing business, we cannot give it 100% of the time!

The flexibility that comes as a consultant and freelance based business is a bonus that most 9-5 er’s don’t have. We set our hours and days and strive to achieve balance between our professional and personal lives.

Even when you aren’t working or are focusing on other aspects of your business, like actually working with your clients, your website continues to work for you and bring customers to you from around the world in all time zones and languages. Websites will pick up the slack when you aren’t working to schedule discovery calls, allow visitors to download freebies and email submissions that will trigger your automated emails. Your email list will grow and your message will continue to circulate online 24 hours a day.

4. Google Will Also Be Helping Your Client Base

I know countless business consultants that have clients from around the world. Face to face meetings are getting more obsolete as time goes on. The pandemic has also been a driving force for minimizing most direct contact with clients.

People are no longer searching for “business coaches in my area”. Now the searches have broadened with the advent of Zoom (or other online portals) sessions to searching for the business coach that is the perfect match, regardless of location.

Google is going to be your best bud. Because it will start bringing you clients that you never expected.

If you’re still doubting if you need a website or if you just need to redo your existing site, the proof is in the numbers. Business Coaches are gaining clients online by leaps and bounds right now. Especially as more individuals are turning towards more entrepreneurial means of income as unemployment is now at an all-time high around the world.

5. Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition – Your Site, Your Story

There are business coaches for about every niche out there. The bottom line is that as a business coach, you are passionate about helping people achieve their business goals. You want to share your powerful insight and having a website is the perfect platform to do that.

However, to get the best results your message must be clear. This is your personal platform to set yourself apart from other business coaches to tell your story, explain your expertise and knowledge in your niche and be clear about who you want to work with. Let your passion shine through and people will be compelled to work with you.

Through focused blogs, work sheets, downloadable freebies, e-books that you can offer on your website you will attract your target audience and you can increase your email subscriptions and market to an interested audience that may one may lead to a sale for your services. You can take advantage of automation. With a website, you can use automated email sequences to interact with your client base, promote your services and notify people of things like discounts and specials. You can leverage your mailing list to cheaply and easily promote your services to those who have not bought yet but are interested.

It is a process that takes time but the far-reaching benefits of having a website can help you to stay ahead of this competition and keep your business in the lead.


Now You Know Why You Need a Website Today

If you were in any doubt as to why you need a website, by this stage you are probably itching to get one up and running. Considering all the benefits that a website holds for your business coaching business, it’s time to get going!