Building Websites For Eco-Minded Professionals


Building Websites For Eco-Conscious Professionals  

About Me

I am a WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist who builds beautiful and user friendly websites for eco-minded business.

I know that we can all do our part in leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. I am excited to work with eco-minded businesses who support and promoting sustainable living and ethical practices and products.

I have worked behind the scenes for the last 20+ years as back-end support to e-commerce owners, fashion designers, tourism, hospitality, hotel owners and individuals as a techie guru.

I am an American born and California raised gal who has lived the nomadic and expat life in the exotic lands of India for the past 8 years. As a professional, I bring all the attentive client care and personalized marketing savvy that you would expect to get from any US based website specialist.

As a WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist, my specialty is working with Eco-Friendly &  Ethical Entrepreneurs business professionals (aka as Ecopreneurs) with either outdated or no online presence and getting you up and running quickly by building a dynamic and results driven website that is tailored to your brand and voice. We will collaborate to make sure your brand is professional and represents you and all you have to offer.

Amye Perez

Amye Perez

WordPress & eCommerce Website Specialist

doing our part to protect the environment

We all do our best to recycle, reuse and shop from vendors using sustainable practices. Did you know that you can also create a website that is more eco-friendly? In 5 easy steps you can have your own greener website for your coaching business and speak directly to your target audience in a more authentic way. 

Learn More About Eco-Friendly Websites by visiting my “Going Green” page. 


WordPress Website Specialist

WordPress websites are the most popular in the industry as they are flexible and offer a stylish solution for business and personal use. 

Eco-Friendly Websites

By working with eco-friendly partners and building a website that consumes less energy, you will be on your way to leaving a lighter footprint on the environment. 

eCommerce Web Design

Your online shop must demand attention and keep visitors engaged and encouraged to buy. Depending on your focus, WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify and Etsy are all excellent choices. 


Copy Writing Content Marketing

Great copy writing that is the content for your website  pages and digital marketing is key to getting your branded message out to your target audience.  

Brand Identity

Bringing your message, voice and style in a consistent way throghout all your digital marketing adds crediblity and professionalism. It’s all about builidng trust  and confidence with your end audience. 


Whether you need spot on stylish branded graphics for your website, social media, infographics,  an e-book or cover, freebies or other digital marketing graphics, I will create eye catching graphics for you.

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