5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Greener

Here are a few simple ways to make your website less taxing on the environment.

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Greener

Here are a few simple ways to make your website less taxing on the environment.


Choose an Eco-Friendly Web Host

One of the biggest steps you can do to reduce your website’s environmental impact is to find a web host that has the same goal.

Hosting companies own the physical data centers that contain your and other people’s websites. How they choose to get their energy needs met has a direct impact on how environmentally friendly your own website is.

The first step in improving your site’s carbon footprint is to choose a green host. That means, their servers are powered by renewable energy, the companies make use of energy use offsets, and adhere to other environmentally-conscious practices.

Also, make sure to use a Website Designer that is familiar with building greener websites. 


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Use an Eco-Friendly Website Design

Here’s the long and the short of it: The more complicated your site design is, the more energy it consumes when loaded.

Each element of your site – the graphics, animations, code, etc. has a bearing on the energy footprint. Sites that load slowly draw more energy, and so do frequent server requests. 

Doing simple things such as using fewer Javascript widgets, reducing the number of images and videos, and making sure that your site loads faster can make a huge difference.

In addition to that, by focusing on what is absolutely necessary, you might just make your site more user friendly in the process. Studies have shown that users prefer less complicated websites as they’re easier to navigate.


Improve Your Site Speed

As already mentioned, a slow website is one that uses a lot of energy. Besides that, users also really hate slow-loading websites. So much so, that page speed is a ranking factor to Google, including for mobile.

If that is not going to convince you to make page loading speed a priority, I don’t know what will. Bottom line, fast speed = more sales and growth + decreased global footprint.

The truth of the matter is that websites that incorporate low-impact approaches already exist. Unlike many sites these days, use simpler designs where there are no ads or GIFs running in the background,  or moving elements which can be a huge energy drain.



Educate - Spread the Word about Eco-Friendly Websites

The thing about trying to save the planet is that you can’t do it alone. There are over seven billion of us and we can only make significant changes if we do it together.

So, besides sticking a green website sticker in your footer, another step you can take is to make your users aware of their own carbon emissions.


Partner with Eco-Minded Professionals

Finding a website builder that is familiar with creating websites that consume less energy is becoming easier in this day and age. You can also partner with graphic designers and digital marketers that are equally interested in implementing sustainable practices in their businesses.

Bonus Tip: Maintenance –  If you’re site is updated on a monthly basis to make sure all apps, plugins and themes are up to date your site will run smoothly and faster….thus consuming less energy! 

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What's In It For You?

Going green with your website comes with several benefits for both you, your business and your clients.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

 If you are one of the growing number of people who want to take action against climate change and other environmental problems, here’s a way you can do so. Transitioning to a more eco-friendly website is one more step to reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Connect with Your Customers

You are not alone in your efforts. Studies have shown that business owners and consumers are becoming more environmentally concerned. As a consequence, they are seeking out businesses that care about this topic as well. Consequently, being on the forefront of this development is a good way to attract like-minded clients and business associates.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Opting for more eco-friendly ways to run your web presence can is often congruent with a better user experience and increased site quality. This makes good business sense and can improve your overall success in the market place.

Want to Learn More?

Want to Learn More?

Did you know the Internet contributes two percent of global carbon emissions?

That number might sound small but it’s actually the same as the greenhouse-gas emissions of the aviation industry. It’s difficult to imagine something as non-tangible as the internet effects the environment in a negative way.

Many factors contribute to the effect the web has on our environment. The main two are:

  • The devices we use to surf online
  • The server farms and data centers that store websites, process search queries and hold the web’s content. Naturally, this uses energy and, consequently, produces harmful emissions.
Firstly, what is an eco-friendly website?

An eco-friendly website partners with hosts that operate sustainably and is designed to run fast. Speed is crucial to lowering usage, thus site speed can be achieved a number of ways – one of which is to have a simpler design and less photos and animation which tend to load slower and slow down website speed.

“Does this mean I have to forego a stylish and professional looking site?”

Absolutely not! You can still have the sleek and amazing site you want…..but it will be optimized and designed for efficiency.

Why should you have a website that is friendly to the environment?

We all do our best to buy organic and eco-friendly products, recycle, reuse and support sustainable businesses because we know this has a positive impact on the environment.

Information about the environmental impact of websites, the Internet and online activity is not readily available to the public but is equally important and is easy to achieve.

For that reason, just like in the real world, it is important to take measures to reduce the impact the web has on the climate and environment. And the only place where you can start is with yourself.

“Does this mean I have to forego a stylish and professional looking site?”

Absolutely not! You can still have the sleek and amazing site you want…..but it will be optimized and designed for efficiency.

Running an Eco-Friendly Website Isn’t Complicated

Due to its virtual nature, it’s easy to forget that the existence of the Internet has real-life consequences. Since all that data has to live somewhere, everyday technology usage is ramping up its environmental toll.

With more and more people accessing the web, this will only increase. As a consequence, there has never been a better time to take steps to reduce your personal footprint and that of your site. 

What are Some of the Challenges?

If having a greener website is such a positive step to take, why aren’t people following this model?

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Or you might feel like you lack the technical skills for taking the steps towards a more environmentally friendly web design. 

One of the biggest challenges in creating more eco-friendly websites is faced by the people who make them –developers and designers.  While you may be interested in making things that have less of an impact on the environment, what happens when your website builder isn’t in the know?

After all, the main focus for most people who want a website is probably the functionality and design. Carbon footprint is usually not something they immediately think of.

A lack of education is another great challenge. There’s often a notion that going green takes a lot of effort and means sacrificing things you care about.

However, as see above in our “5 Easy Ways to Create a Greener Website”, reducing your site’s carbon footprint does not have to mean a reduction in quality.



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