MoneyFlow Website

MoneyFlow Website

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MoneyFlow Organization is a money management software & app for individuals and families. 

I was tasked with designing and building the MoneyFlow website that showcased the unique product technology for money management in a way that was engaging for the target audience. It was designed to be easy to navigate so visitors can easily find the information they are searching for and provide valuable information on money management.  It was also built to be visually interesting in a way that reflected their brand.

As a startup business with no online presence, I created social media accounts as well as email and blogging campaigns to launch the new software. The branding is consistent throughout all platforms for consistency and audience awareness.

SEO is crucial to building an audience. The website is built to be fully SEO optimized and mobile-friendly. I also wrote all the SEO web page content and blogs to increase traffic, growth, and engagement. 

I also manage the website’s monthly maintenance with updates, fixes, and changes as needed to ensure the website is operating 100%.